Making life easier for parents

About Little Lunch Box Co

Hi, I’m Chantal, and I’m the founder of Little Lunch Box Co, a business I established back in 2016 to make life easier for parents, just like you.

It all began when I bought my first bento-style lunch box, back when they first came on the market in Australia. While I loved the idea of more variety in my daughter’s lunch, I was frustrated with the reality of using that first bento-style lunch box.

It got me thinking - how could I improve it to make it work better for me and for my child?

At that stage, I was pregnant with my second baby and not keen on heading back to the office full time with two young kids. I needed more flexibility, so I decided to try my hand at designing my own bento lunch box.

I wasn’t really the office type and the prospect of designing something new appealed to my creative side, so I took the plunge and got to work!

In 2016, Little Lunch Box Co started manufacturing and selling kids bento lunch boxes and accessories. My aim is to design products to help make life easier for fellow parents, with a focus on functionality. I work hard to design lunch boxes that are lightweight, easy to clean, simple to use and kid-friendly (because let’s face it, it is all about the kids!)

If you'd like to, you can read more about my journey here.

Meet The Team

Chelsea - Content Creation & Marketing

I look after the content and marketing at Little Lunch Box Co. You'll often find me in the kitchen rustling up yummy bento treats! I'm surrounded by food pretty much most of the day - making it, shooting it, creating with it!


Kate - Social Media & Customer Service

I look after our social channels to bring you interesting content every day – from lunch box inspiration and tips to behind the scenes and product info! You'll also find me at the end of your emails for customer care and enquiries.