Pea and Herb Slice

If you're looking for a way to get more veggies into your child, look no further! This pea and herb slice is packed full of goodness, easy to make and filling. Plus, it's dairy and gluten free!

Sneaky Greens Kale Pesto

Are you desperate to get some more green leafy veg into your kids but know you have absolutely no chance of getting them to eat broccoli let alone Kale? Rather than serving them up on a plate get creative and try this kale pesto pasta! 

Breakfast on the go is easy with these Overnight Oats!

These easy and good-for-you overnight oats can be made up in our Bento Cups in a flash and added to your Bento Two for and simple and filling breakfast on the go. Why not whip up a big bowl for few days in a row!  Mix them up each day by changing your toppings.