Smoked Salmon & Avocado Sushi

An easy, healthy lunch idea. Fresh & filling, sushi will keep you fuelled for hours at work, or at play! Pack in your Bento Stainless Maxi for a delicious and eco friendly lunch!

Recipe Ingredients

100 -150 grams smoked salmon pieces 

2 cups cooked short grain sushi rice 

4-6 sheets seaweed 

1 Avocado sliced

4-5 Tbsp mayonnaise 

3-4 Tbsp sushi seasoning 

1/2 cup white vinegar 


1- Prepare the sushi rice as per the instructions on the packet I usually add 2 cups of rice and 3-4 cups water depending on the size of my cup, 

2- Once cooked add in the white vinegar and mix together well until it’s all combined together. 

allow the rice to cool before making the sushi 


To assemble

1- On a bamboo mat, place a sheet of the seaweed. Place a thin layer of sushi rice on top of this seaweed making sure it’s even on all sides.

2- Next up place a few strips of smoked salmon then the avocado near the top of the rice and add mayonnaise and sushi seasoning on top, 

3- Roll the bamboo mat to seal the sushi roll securely, cut off the excess at the ends and then slice into sections before serving !

4- Add sesame seeds to the salmon & serve with a salad and fruit on the side !

I’ve got spinach, cucumbers, spring onions and white sesame seeds plus a squeeze of lemon.

For fruit I added blueberries & strawberries!

Serve with Tamari or soy sauce !


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