Top Tips to Make Packing Lunches Easier + More Enjoyable

As School goes back, most parents around the country groan at the thought of having to get back to packing lunches daily. Trying to find inspiration, having lunch boxes bought home barely touched, running out of time in the mornings... no one likes the sound of that!
What if we told you that school lunches don't have to be fancy, rushed or even packed every day? Gasp!
The Little Lunch Box Co team have put together our favourite tips to make packing school lunches a breeze. We hope these help you get over the lunch box packing grind and turn lunch packing into something you might even enjoy!

Tips to make packing lunches easier:

  • Pack lunches the night before to save the morning rush. You can even pack a couple of days in advance! As long as your lunch box is air tight (like our bentos), the food should stay as fresh as the day you packed it. You can always pack veggies, dips, snacks etc and add a fresh sandwich in the morning if you prefer!
  • Bake a load of goodies to store in the freezer. Pull them out and add to lunches as you need them, they will usually defrost by lunch time.
  • Get the kids involved in packing their lunches! This will get them more excited about lunch time and help those kids who bring their lunch box home full most days.
  • Use our lunch box planner notepad to help plan a week of lunches in advance to save multiple trips to the supermarket and the scramble for ideas!

how to use wrap bands 

Top food hacks for lunch boxes:

  • Want to keep your food cool and fresh without needing to use an ice block? Simply freeze a smoothie or yoghurt pouch and add to your Bento Three. Not only will this keep your food cool, but you'll also get to enjoy a chilled pouchie whenever the mood strikes!
  • Avoid messy wraps by using wrap bands to secure wraps together.
  • Tip to avoid soggy sandwiches: If you're trying to avoid spreads such as margarine or butter, but your kids love wet fillers like cucumbers, tomatoes or sauces, lettuce leaves will do the job just as well. Choose larger leaves that cover the whole area, pat them dry with a kitchen towel and stack the rest of the ingredients between the two leaves.
  • Make fruit and vegetables fun by using stix to thread foods together. 
  • Do your kids love either a sweet or savoury dip for their snacks? Save time and money by making a big batch ahead of time.  Simply portion the dip into ice cube trays, then pop one or two frozen dip cubes into a Bento Cup when needed. They will defrost by lunch time, ready to be devoured!

Do you have a lunch box hack to make packing lunches easier? We'd love you to share it in the comments below!

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