Fun and Cheap School Holiday Activity Ideas

Fun and Cheap School Holiday Activity Ideas

It's almost time for another round of school holidays here in Australia! Don't the terms seem to go so quickly sometimes? Whether you're stuck in lock down or able to go out and about, we've put together some fabulous (and cheap!) school holiday activity ideas to keep your little ones entertained.


You don't even have to go to the craft store for this one! Use items from around your house and let the kids get their imagination going. For example, use dry pasta shapes to make homemade jewellery, find some leaves and sticks to make a collage, create a fun treasure map for an at home treasure hunt, turn some stones into pet rocks... the list is endless!


Spring has sprung! Bundle your kids into the car and head to the nearest park, beach or playground. Our Bento Five's are perfect for creating a grazing style platter to take on the go with you - and you would be surprised how much food fits in them! Why not let your little ones help you pick and pack the food to get them excited about going out for a picnic!


From watercolour painting to learning how to ride a bike, there are so many free school holiday workshops to check out. A good place to start is your local Council website. Check out Eventbrite's list of free workshops too, we even spotted this cute clay sculpting workshop, and for our friends in lockdown here's an online dance workshop - with The Australian Ballet!


Time to get creative in the kitchen! Pick a recipe for the kids to make (with your help if needed), get them involved in making dinner or set up a DIY cupcake or pizza station for some school holiday fun. Whatever you chose, we recommend using one of our gorgeous kids aprons to help protect the kids clothes and save your washing pile!


Have a holiday at home! Set up a tent in your backyard or a blanket fort in your lounge room and you're good to go. Let the kids have their own adventures or make it a family affair! You can eat dinner together on the floor or in camp chairs, tell stories, and even roast marshmallows to get that authentic camping experience! 


Get out in the garden with the kids, or to make it even easier, you can use recycled plastic such as ice cream containers or plastic bottles as planters! Start from scratch with seeds or grow plants from veggie scraps. Lettuce, celery and spring onion are super easy to re-grow using just the scraps!

Whatever it is that you get up to these school holidays, we hope you and your little ones have a wonderful time! Stay safe and have fun!



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