Five ways to make sandwiches fun

Are your kids getting bored of a plain Vegemite sandwich? Let's add some FUN to the lunchbox with these FIVE SIMPLE SANDWICH IDEAS!

1. Sandwich Sushi

Cut your crusts off your sandwich and roll into bite size sushi bites. Easy to munch down before running off to play.

2. Sandwich Cutters

The Lunch Punch Cutters are designed to make food fun! They will take a plain sandwich into an outer space adventure! It's as simple as 1,2,3!

3. Food on Stix

Kids love food on sticks! You can roll your sandwiches or cut into bite size pieces and thread onto the Lunch Punch Stix.

4. Puzzle Sandwiches

Mix brown and white bread to use the Lunch Punch Puzzle cutters.

5. Sprinkles Love

Just for fun, add some sprinkles to the top of their sandwich, using a heart cookie cutter to add some love!



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