Five tips for packing school lunches

Do you dread the lunchbox packing each day? As we head back to school, most parents groan at the thought of having to get back into packing school lunches. Trying to find inspiration, having lunch boxes bought home barely touched, running out of time in the mornings... no one likes the sound of that!


We've put together five of our favourite tips to make packing school lunches just a tad easier!


1. Pack lunches the night before.

This is one of my top tips! We have enough things to do to get out the door in the morning, save yourself one less thing and pack lunches the night before. If you are using a quality lunchbox like our Little Lunch Box Co bentos, they are air tight - which means your food will still be fresh in the morning!

2. Get the kids involved with packing lunches

Getting the kids involved with packing lunches is great for so many reasons! It helps if you have a picky eater, being involved with the process of choosing foods gives them a sense of ownership. As well as creating independence and a great learning experience as they learn about new foods and where they come from as they pack.

3. Plan your weekly lunches

Do you get to Friday and have no food left for the lunchbox? (We've all been there!) Planning your lunches with our Lunchbox Planner Notepad will have you planing a week of lunches in advance to save multiple trips to the supermaket and the daily scramble for ideas!

4. Have a freezer stash of goodies

Doing a bake up ahead of school returning and having a freezer stash for the days that are busy will save you running short! Foods that are great for baking and freezing are muffins, bliss balls and pancakes! Goodie Goodie Lunchbox has loads of lunchbox recipe ideas. Many of which a freezer friendly!

5. Make it FUN!

Lastly, MAKE IT FUN! Packing lunches doesn't need to be a bore, get creative and let your imagination flow! We have a range of bento accessories from our Bento Surprise Boxes, to Lunch Punch Cutters that the kids will love (and you will love packing!)

Do you have a lunchbox packing tip? We'd love for you to share!

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