Easy Halloween Bento Ideas

It's spooky season! Are you the kind of Mum that likes to go all out, or just add a little spooky something into their childs bento for Halloween? Whichever type of Mum you are, we've got some fabulously fun and eerie ideas to help make your Halloween Bentos easy as pie!

Spooky Colours + Pretzel Ghost

little lunch box co bento five with spooky halloween lunch ideas

This Halloween bento is so simple, yet so effective! The colour scheme of white and orange brings the fun halloween vibe, while the ghost pretzel is the star of the show. To recreate those adorable ghosts, simply dip pretzels in white chocolate and add some candy eyes - ta da!

(Image credit: @cute_bento_ideas_canada via Instagram)

Scary Bagel + Skull Cookies

little lunch box co bento five with spooky halloween lunch ideas

Turn any regular food into a scary treat with props! These fake teeth can be found at any cheap store and these eye picks are similar to the ones in the photo. If you run out of time however, pop some mini marshmallows or fake googly eyes on a toothpick and it'll have the same effect! As for the skull chips, these ones were a Cheetos Halloween addition - but why not make some cookies and shape them into spooky items? Think skulls, pumpkins, fingers... the list is endless!

(Image credit: @lunchesandloves via Instagram)

Witches Fingers + Banana Monster 

little lunch box co spooky halloween bento ideas

This Bento is created using all the fun thing you will already have at home! The scary banana head is simply made from pumpkin seeds and blueberries for eyes, with jam coming out of his mouth. We've added some scary treats hidden amongst the bento and the bento 2 houses the witches fingers and dips! Unpeeled carrots, with some slivered almonds for fingernails - we went for avo and beetroot hummus dips for a halloween colour combo!

(Image credit Little Lunch Box Co.)

Hot Dog Mummy

little lunch box co bento five with spooky halloween lunch ideas

We love these mummy hot dogs! All it takes to make these is some strategic cuts on the frankfurt and some puff pastry. Wrap up the hot dog and bake until puffy and golden! Pair this with some tomato sauce for an extra spooky look.

(Image credit @thishouseofthree via Instagram)

Little Lunch Box Co Bento Box New designs

Simply Sandwiches

little lunch box co bento five with spooky halloween lunch ideas

Keep it simple with some Halloween themed sandwich cutters! They don't even have to be spooky like this bento - our range of sandwich cutters includes some magical mermaids, scary sharks and perfect princesses!

 (Image credit @cute_bento_ideas_canada via Instagram)

Pumpkin Mandarin + Scary Spider

easy bento halloween ideas for kids

We love this whole lunch idea! But don't be overwhelmed - when you break it down, it really is simple. Use a niko to draw the pumpkin face on a mandarin and edible markers for the ghostly egg. The finger sandwiches - pun intended! - are simply strawberry jam sandwiches with grapes for finger nails. Create the adorable spider by sticking pretzels into a Babybel cheese wheel and voila! Halloween bento complete!

(Image credit The Organised Housewife)

Spooky Skewers

easy halloween bento lunch idea in little lunch box co bento three

Simple but spooky! This creative Mumma has added halloween sprinkles to the top left compartment and simply used a Halloween pumpkin head skewer to add some fun to her kids bento. The addition of the Halloween themed napkin also helps lift the bento! You could easily make your own fun Halloween skewers by printing a picture and taping or gluing it to a toothpick.

(Image credit @Thishouseofthree via Instagram)

What fun Halloween themed treat are you adding to your child's bento? Share with us in the comments below!

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